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BMC Digital IT は、フォーチュン 500 社の 82% の企業においてデジタル革新を実現しています

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Deliver consistent business value from your big data initiatives by driving to production faster, integrating applications seamlessly, and continuously improving services.
Managing Big Data Workflows for Dummies

Stay ahead of the competition by learning how to use big data workflow automation to overcome implementation hurdles.

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Control-M を使用して Hadoop 環境を拡張する方法をご覧ください

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Hadoop を最大限に活用するチャンスです

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役割に関係なく短期間で Hadoop の価値を高めることができます

Deliver data faster, driving business success.

Line of Business Leader

As the owner for big data initiatives in your organization you are constantly working to ensure your team has the tools needed to ensure not only implementation success but also analytical value to drive strategic direction and opportunities for competitive advantage. Delivering on schedule and on budget determines the project’s success.

Control-M for Hadoop can help you:

  • Justify continued investment, reducing the dependence on costly storage
  • Right-size the skilled staff required to deliver big data
  • Standardize processes while allowing your team to work with the tools most suited to them

Automate delivery of your enterprise-grade data lake.

Hadoop Architect

Setting the technical direction and design for your Hadoop initiative is easier said than done. New solutions hit the open source market daily and sorting through what will provide the greatest chance of success in the shortest amount of time can be daunting. Keep your project moving forward with the visibility, accessibility, and security your big data project requires.

Control-M for Hadoop can help you:

  • Deliver your Hadoop project faster and with more accuracy, seamlessly connecting to any application and any database across the enterprise
  • Automate batch workflow development ensuring fewer complications and the need for revisions by developers
  • Enhance the stability and security of your enterprise-grade Hadoop environment

Transform your Hadoop development.

Hadoop Development Manager

Overseeing the day-to-day development of Hadoop comes with its own challenges. From the infrastructure to the domain expertise, it’s up to you to ensure the end result answers everyone’s questions. The speed and quality of the Hadoop code your team delivers is just one key component for success.

Learn how Control-M for Hadoop can:

  • Automate batch workflow development with the interface your developers choose – command line or graphical user – while increasing their productivity
  • Convert existing workflows to Control-M – scripted, Oozie, or another enterprise scheduler – to maintain continuity and reduce lost cycles
  • Ease the handoff of code to Operations, driving a continuous delivery model

Hadoop Certifications

BMC recognizes the value of the Hadoop ecosystem and works with the major Hadoop distributors and system integrators to ensure seamless integration.

“Our project delivers a Big Data cloud service for our customer banks. We have 6,000 Hadoop jobs moving over 150GB of data daily for our first two cloud service customers, and we plan to extend service to the rest of Grupo Santander banks...BMC has delivered again with Control-M for Hadoop.” — Nuno Miguel Portela, IT Senior Manager, Produban

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