Tim Eusterman
Introducing Digital Business Automation, the 4th Wave of IT Automation

Digital disruption is impacting virtually every industry. Companies are under threat from new ‘digital native’ companies and from 100+ year old household names that have jumped onto the digital business wave. If you are a company in-between these competitors, look out. Transforming your company to embrace the digital business future comes at a time when infrastructure complexity, data disparity, volume, volatility, and agile application deployment pressures are increasing at exponential rates. These challenges are real and they are here now. Given the amazing pace of technology innovation, we believe companies that attack these challenges by rethinking IT automation at the intersection of these three technology platforms - infrastructure, data and applications – will emerge as the digital … [Read More]

ITSM Frameworks: Which Are Most Popular?

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) refers to all the activities, policies, and processes that organizations use for deploying, managing, and improving IT service delivery. Organizations generally use a pre-defined framework of best practices and … [Read More...]

What the New Multi-Cloud World Means for IT

Digital transformation for business is no longer a luxury. All companies must accelerate the development and continuous deployment of innovative processes, applications, services, and software changes just to survive. To meet this challenge, companies are … [Read More...]

6 Strategies to Reduce IT Costs

In an earlier post, I looked at the simple but powerful idea that there is an inverse relationship between IT maintenance and management costs (M&M) and an organization’s competitiveness. This idea was reported in a recent Forbes Insights survey which … [Read More...]

How BMC Remedy Brings Value to SecOps

Every company is a target for malicious actors who are seeking to gain access to valuable data, or to damage critical systems. With the average price of a data breach now standing at $4 million, security is everyone’s responsibility. ITSM has an important role … [Read More...]