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BMC is home to PATROL performance management

PATROL products are now part of the BMC portfolio. TrueSight Operations Management includes all of the PATROL knowledge modules (KMs) you need to monitor your IT environment.

As a leading provider of IT service management solutions, BMC helps you monitor the most complex IT environments so you can move at the speed of business.

Keep services and apps up and running 24 x 7

TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Operations Management は、複雑な IT 環境を監視し、さまざまなデータの分析から具体的な IT 戦略を提供することにより、ビジネスにおける問題解決を支援します。

Technical support for your PATROL product

Search knowledgebase articles, submit a request, download product updates, and review product documentation, all from an ITSM partner you can trust.

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