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BMC Digital IT は、フォーチュン 500 社の 82% の企業においてデジタル革新を実現しています

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TrueSight Operations Management は、エンドツーエンドのパフォーマンスの監視とイベント管理を実現します。 IT 運用チームは、イベントデータの関連付けと分析を行い、優先順位を付けることにより、ビジネスにとって不可欠な問題に専念することができます。
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Detect stressed resources, predict impact, and prevent problems.

Infrastructure Management

TrueSight Infrastructure Management helps you detect and address performance abnormalities before they impact the business. It automatically learns the behavior of your infrastructure, telling you what’s normal, and only issues alerts when behavior needs attention. This helps you focus on the events that matter most to IT and the business.

  • Cuts cost by eliminating the need to manage thousands of traditional, static thresholds for event generation
  • Reduces false alarms and associated incidents by up to 90 percent
  • Minimizes the need to manually define, configure, and maintain correlation rules and policies
  • Groups events for better visibility by role, geography, or technology

Correlate diverse log data to identify root cause faster.

IT Data Analytics

TrueSight IT Data Analytics enriches infrastructure and application management by correlating metrics, event, and log data to identify root cause faster. In addition, TrueSight leverages a single agent for log and monitoring data so you can easily dive into the logs to get more granular information about an event.

  • Consolidates unstructured data from operating systems, applications, storage, network devices, and machine-generated anomalies for enterprise-wide visibility
  • Automatically collects log and other machine data, such as events, anomalies, and change records
  • Deploys easily with agent or agentless options, and policy-based configurations that use collection profiles for log files and other sources of data

Go beyond monitoring for deep user experience insight.

Applicaiton Performance

TrueSight AppVisibility collects performance and availability data for applications and the supporting infrastructure stack to create a clear map of applications and dependencies, so you can easily see how application components within the topology affect end user experience.

  • Get instant insight into the performance of applications and the behavior of users with real and synthetic end-user experience management
  • Pinpoint which users, transactions, and application calls are affecting performance
  • Isolate slow or failing transactions between application stack components
  • Manage cloud and hybrid applications on and off-premises from a single interface

Automate management of middleware across the enterprise.

Middleware Management

Satisfy service delivery expectations with automated middleware performance management and administration for your hybrid data center. TrueSight Middleware Management gives you a cross-enterprise view of your middleware environment with the context needed to prevent service disruptions and respond quickly when problems occur.

  • Proactively identify middleware problems that may affect service delivery
  • Monitor middleware software and hardware, including IBM MQ, DataPower, and Integration Bus (IIB)
  • Determine the status of any middleware object, anywhere in your environment, without having to log into each host


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