BMC が提供する製品、ソリューション、サービスに関する質問は、以下の電話番号からお問い合わせいただくこともできます。

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デジタルビジネスの時代には、データが競争的な優位性をもたらす究極のツールとなります。 データ量の増加に伴い、データベース管理のプロフェッショナルに対する需要も高まります。 BMC は、Next Generation Technology ソリューションでデータ管理プロセスの簡略化と変革をお手伝いします。
Forrester Webinar: Transforming Data Management for Digital Business
Forrester Webinar: Transforming Data Management for Digital Business

Today's data explosion makes database management critical. Hear what Forrester recommends.

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Our data management tools handle a wide range of tasks without taxing DB2 resources

The mainframe is the backbone of digital business, and you are in charge of the mainframe.

Database Administrator

You know that you must complete regular database maintenance to optimize your data and keep your applications running efficiently. With BMC Next Generation Technology, you can run your tasks more often, maintaining more data for less cost with better results.

  • Ensure the integrity and availability of your data
  • Reduce the risk of outages and downtime
  • Ensure data is optimized at all times
  • Enable self-service for the app dev community
  • Keep costs down

Application performance is paramount.

Application Developer

You need to deliver the best apps to your business and your clients quickly. You can’t have a disorganized database slowing you down. BMC Next Generation Technology can help by giving you a Workbench interface – providing you modern and mobile access to the mainframe. As a developer you’ll have:

  • Continual access to data
  • Zero outages
  • Easy and transparent access to the mainframe
  • Modern and mobile user interfaces
“Assuring the performance of DB2 databases and applications is an imposing task that keeps getting more complex all the time. It makes sense to arm your DBAs with modern tools so you can optimize DB2 performance and thereby deliver superior service to your customers.” — Craig S. Mullins, President, Mullins Consulting, Inc.
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