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Control-M Integration with IT Applications

Control-M allows you to manage and monitor all your batch services from a single point of control. And that includes IT applications such as backup and recovery, web services, Java, messaging, cloud services, and databases.

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Extend workload automation efficiencies across IT

  • Reduce the number of workload and batch-related failures with an enterprise view
  • Eliminate delays caused by manual processes by extending automation
  • Increase scalability of staff and services while aligning priorities to business needs
  • Improve service delivery with predictive analytics

Supported applications and platforms

Align IT and business processes with enterprise workload automation

Single enterprise view

Manage all workflows—regardless of platform, database, application, or location—through a simple yet powerful interface.

Comprehensive auditing and compliance

Track, log, and archive all activity so you always know which actions were taken, when they occurred, and who performed them.

Faster application delivery

Automate building and modifying workflows while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Reduce business risk

Identify problems before they impact the business using predictive analytics and trending.

Improved quality of service

Automate enforcement of site standards and service level monitoring to achieve on-time service delivery.

Take a closer look

  • Use industry standards, such as Web Services, J2EE, and Message Oriented Middleware, to provide a single view of the business process.
  • Gain better control of backup processing by easily integrating with Symantec NetBackup™ and IBM® Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Satisfy fluctuating server requirements for batch service levels by automatically provisioning virtual and cloud resources through integration with BMC BladeLogic Automation solutions, VMware, or Amazon EC2.
  • Manage Oracle, IBM Db2 / UDB, MS SQL-Server, Sybase, and PostgreSQL workloads through a simple, effective interface.
  • Control-M for Web Services®, Java®, and Messaging®

    Tie together batch jobs and real-time processes into a single scheduled job flow with Control-M for Web Services, Java, and Messaging. This Control-M application supports:

    • Jobs and workflows that send and receive messages from message queues, including JMS and WebSphere MQ messaging.
    • The ability to schedule a Web service or Servlet job.
    • Java class and EJBs

    Control-M for Web Services, Java, and Messaging uses a Java API and web service interface to give you the ability to easily integrate the workloads in Control-M into your environment.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: Control-M

  • Control-M for Backup

    Schedule and monitor backups in harmony with business processes. Control-M for Backup integrates with Symantec NetBackup™ and IBM® Tivoli Storage Manager to provide IT operations and backup administrators complete visibility into backup management. Use a graphical wizard to improve how you build and modify backup jobs, increase utilization of backup media with intelligent rerun of backup jobs, and incorporate your backups with the rest of your workload jobs in order to eliminate delays and streamline processing.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: Control-M

  • Control-M for Databases

    Automating database batch workloads with Control-M reduces your total cost of ownership, streamlines job defining and editing, and allows interactive scheduling of SQL scripts, stored procedures, SSIS packages, and SQL statements through a secure SSL connection. Or browse for SSIS packages via SQL Integration Services Catalog. Configure connection profiles to any database platform with user-provided JDBC drivers.

    Control-M for Databases provides enhanced security, auditing, post processing, operator alerts, integration with helpdesk applications, forecasting, and business service management. Eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple database clients, manage the complexity of your database environment, and assure the accuracy of all your database jobs.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: Control-M

Find the best Control-M integration for your needs

Control-M for SAP®

Control-M for SAP automates and simplifies the scheduling of SAP batch jobs within enterprise IT environments, resulting in improved service delivery.

Control-M Integration with Business Applications

Introduce all Control-M capabilities to your business applications, including advanced scheduling criteria, complex dependencies, and quantitative and control resources.

Control-M Self Service

Control-M Self Service lets business users see their scheduled work and perform basic tasks in real time, improving productivity and reducing costs.