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In the age of digital business, data is the ultimate tool for creating a competitive advantage. As data volumes increase, demands on database management professionals also increase. BMC can help you simplify and transform your data management processes with our Next Generation Technology solutions.

Transform the management of your Db2 databases to meet the scale and complexity of digital business

  • Run Db2 utilities with Next Generation Technology to optimize your data and improve application performance
  • Eliminate downtime and increase availability of business services
  • Ensure the integrity of structured and unstructured data
  • Take control with intelligent automation and policy-driven rules
  • Bridge the gap from green-screen to modern, secure, self-service user interfaces
  • Move to Db2 12 and beyond with confidence
Percentage of companies increasing use of the mainframe 1
Percentage of enterprise applications that touch a mainframe in some way 2
Percentage of new client-facing applications requiring z Systems servers to complete transactions 3

1, 2
BMC Annual Mainframe Survey 2016   3IBM Systems Magazine – October 2014

New release: Announcing v12.1 of BMC tools for IBM Db2 for z Systems

The launch of version 12.1 marks the delivery of considerable enhancements to our entire Db2 suite with updates across 23 products to improve performance, administration, and recovery. This release underscores BMC’s dedication to the Db2 z Systems platform, our continued innovation in the space, and our goal to modernize work on the mainframe. In addition to IBM Db2 12 for z/OS support, this release provides:

  • Performance enhancements across the entire Db2 suite of products
  • Further integration with Next Generation Technology across the product suite
  • A tablet-enabled user interface for Workbench for Db2 that provides mobile access to mainframe apps and DBA tasks – making work on the mainframe modern and mobile
  • Enhanced automation and zIIP eligibility

Optimize Db2 data to improve performance and increase savings

BMC offers several solutions to help you manage your Db2 database performance. We have solutions to help you optimize and tune your SQL, and optimize and automate your reorg maintenance to get the best possible performance from your Db2 environment.

  • See measurable results: 10% improvement in application performance; 6% reduction in MIPS consumption; and for files previously unable to be reorganized, a 90% boost in query response time
  • Diagnose performance problems and track them to their source
  • Perform reorganizations faster, with fewer resources and zero downtime
  • Avoid cumbersome reorganizations and costly CPU upgrades by making the most of your existing resources

Simplify database administration

Dramatically reduce the effort required by—and risks associated with—maintaining and updating Db2 database objects with the BMC Next Generation Technology and Object Administration for Db2 solution.

  • Reduce the time required to administer complex and disparate Db2 environments
  • Automate routine tasks throughout the application lifecycle for improved integrity
  • Improve productivity with simplified Db2 catalog navigation and change management
  • Enhance application availability by performing changes and maintenance with minimal outages

Master your recovery strategy

Don’t let unplanned downtime ruin your day—boost your backup and recovery processes with tools in the BMC Recovery for Db2 solution. Recover from your next outage or data corruption with lightning speed by using this powerful set of recovery tools to:

  • Speed up and streamline your backup processes
  • Recover from a disaster immediately, with no loss of integrity
  • Establish automatic backup and recovery jobs to lessen the impact of disaster
  • Simulate and estimate disaster recovery scenarios to plan for resource needs
  • Reverse damaging changes to your operational data, no matter how they were caused

Our data management tools handle a wide range of tasks without taxing Db2 resources

The mainframe is the backbone of digital business, and you are in charge of the mainframe.

Database Administrator

You know that you must complete regular database maintenance to optimize your data and keep your applications running efficiently. With BMC Next Generation Technology, you can run your tasks more often, maintaining more data for less cost with better results.

  • Ensure the integrity and availability of your data
  • Reduce the risk of outages and downtime
  • Ensure data is optimized at all times
  • Enable self-service for the app dev community
  • Keep costs down

Application performance is paramount.

Application Developer

You need to deliver the best apps to your business and your clients quickly. You can’t have a disorganized database slowing you down. Next Generation Technology can help by giving you a Workbench interface – providing you modern and mobile access to the mainframe. As a developer you’ll have:

  • Continual access to data
  • Zero outages
  • Easy and transparent access to the mainframe
  • Modern and mobile user interfaces
“Assuring the performance of Db2 databases and applications is an imposing task that keeps getting more complex all the time. It makes sense to arm your DBAs with modern tools so you can optimize Db2 performance and thereby deliver superior service to your customers.” — Craig S. Mullins, President, Mullins Consulting, Inc.
Read the white paper: A New Approach for Managing Unstructured Data ›

Getting started with Mainframe Data Management is easy