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Shift-left application workflow orchestration by adopting a Jobs-as-Code approach with Control-M Automation API.

Deliver better apps, faster

  • Enable shift-left best practices for job and application workflow orchestration to accelerate delivery and improve application quality
  • Have developers work in a familiar dev environment using JSON, REST APIs and a node.js CLI for creating workflows as artifacts
  • Reduce rework by embedding operational instrumentation as a code artifact throughout the SDLC
  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach to accelerate application build, test, and validation.
  • Provide developers access to business application automation leveraging Control-M Workbench, a no-fee sandbox environment

See how you can embed Jobs-as-Code with Control-M

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Integrate Jobs-as-Code into your existing CI/CD toolchain


Using a Jobs-as-Code approach with REST APIs and JSON, within the CI/CD toolchain, workflows become versionable, testable, and maintainable, so developers and DevOps engineers can work collaboratively.

Control-M Workbench helps developers:

  • Integrate with preferred CI/CD tools and methods, including JSON, Git, Jenkins, and others
  • Test application workflows offline before committing to source code repositories
  • Foster skill sharing and collaboration between Dev and Ops

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Drive operational standards for fast, accurate application delivery

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Ensure faster application delivery, while minimizing errors with a workflow orchestration product that supports secure development standards.

Control-M Automation API can help you:

  • Make workflow orchestration accessible in a self-service fashion
  • Reduce rework before operationalizing applications
  • Integrate workflow orchestration into existing CI/CD pipelines
“A Jobs-as-Code approach is paramount for anyone doing agile development and DevOps. We have been using Control-M for years in operations, and now the product gives our developers full ownership and control of their jobs in a coding environment that is familiar to them, so they can define the business processes they want to automate in production.” — Robert Stinnett, Automation Analyst, IT Operations at Carfax

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