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Remedy IT Service Management 9.1: Development

The BMC Remedy IT Service Management 9.1: Development course provides BMC Remedy ITSM Developers with different design approaches, design components, BMC recommendations, and BMC guidelines that will help customize the BMC Remedy IT Service Management 9.1 applications in both the BMC Remedy on-premises and BMC Remedy OnDemand environments.

Participants will be provided with the concepts and hands-on experience of using BMC Remedy Developer Studio to customize various design components for the following ITSM applications: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Asset Management. This enables ITSM Developers to extend and customize the behavior of the applications to meet the changing needs of an organization. Using a workshop environment, group discussions, and scenario-based guided lab exercises, participants apply the procedures and concepts presented in the class.

Included in this course is the optional examination for BMC Accredited Developer: BMC Remedy IT Service Management 9.1.

Major release:

BMC Helix ITSM 9.x

Good for:


Course Modules

  • Customization Overview
    • Customization Overview
    • Customization Categories
    • Customizations: Allowed vs. Not Allowed
    • Customization Process and policies
    • Customization Review Request and CRB
    • Customization Best Practices
    • Change Request form and Document Source Code
    • Upgrade and Migration Considerations
  • BMC Remedy ITSM Customization Guidelines
    • Workflow change guidelines for BMC Remedy ITSM
    • User interface change guidelines for BMC Remedy ITSM
    • Forms change guidelines for BMC Remedy ITSM
    • Administration change guidelines for BMC Remedy ITSM
  • Customization Items
    • Customization Design Approaches
    • Server and client performance
    • General Performance Tips and Guidelines
    • Message IDs and Flashboards Data
    • Workflow coding style
    • Business Logic Objects and Naming Conventions : Active Link; Filters; Guides; Escalations
    • User Interface Objects and Naming Conventions : Forms; Fields; Menus
  • Customizing BMC Remedy ITSM
    • Types of Customizations – General, Module and Subsystem
    • Customizing BMC Remedy ITSM applications using overlays : Overview; Best Practices; Limitations; Business Requirement Overview
    • Customize Workflows
      • Best Practices for customizing workflow
      • Update an existing workflow
      • Add new workflow
    • Extend Overview Console
      • Add a column to the Overview console
      • Add requests to existing Overview console columns
      • Customize the home page application menu
    • Extending Branding
      • Changing the default color of the screens
      • Changing the Logo
      • Personalized Skins
      • Rebranding BMC Remedy Smart Reporting
    • Promote Data
      • Deployment Management Console Overview
      • Roll back Deployment

      Accreditation is available upon successful completion of this course.