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Streamline and automate database maintenance and changes, prevent unplanned outages, and avoid unnecessary (and costly) processing with BMC AMI Database Advisor for IMS, Catalog Manager for IMS, and BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS.

Empower IMS DBAs with intuitive management tools

IMS has a reputation of being difficult to work with, but with the right tools even less experienced users can manage it easily and efficiently—and reduce CPU costs at the same time. BMC AMI Administration for IMS provides a giant leap toward a self-managing IMS environment by enabling you to:

  • Manage the IMS environments effectively with a modern interface and scripted workflows that help less experienced IMS DBAs
  • Support the IMSGEN change methodology and the IMS catalog, catering to both new and seasoned IMS DBAs
  • Automate job creation to implement changes and roll them back as needed

Use a modern, intutive interface to manage IMS

Easily manage even the most complex IMS environments

BMC AMI Database advisor for IMS
  • Improve availability and reduce costs by backing up and reorganizing only the databases that need it
  • Automatically be notified about databases that are reaching exception status – without ever reading a space report – and receive recommendations for corrective actions
  • Manage database maintenance for all IMS database types through an intuitive graphical user interface that provides current and historical information
  • Reduce the learning curve of newer IMS staff through built-in and self-learning intelligence

Keep pace as IBM modernizes IMS

Catalog Manager for IMS

As IBM continues to invest in improving IMS, BMC customers can gain IMS catalog management capability without any additional cost. Catalog Manager for IMS features:

  • Catalog viewer: Understand what information is loaded in your catalog
  • Reporting: Verify that the information in the catalog is current and correct, using included reports from BMC AMI Database Integrity for IMS
  • JCL generation: Use an interactive interface to generate PSB, DBD, and ACB jobs to update these libraries and populate the IMS catalog
  • IMS command facility: Issue commands from within Catalog Manager for IMS and view the results
  • Integration: Integration into the existing DBA Toolkit console and workflow makes Catalog Manager for IMS easy to activate and use

Easily handle IMS maintenance, no matter your experience level

BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS

As skilled IMS DBAs retire, IT is struggling to backfill the skillsets needed to maintain database definitions and changes for IMS applications. BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS facilitates management of IMS environments with a modern interface, scripted workflows, and the ability to create “what if” scenarios with impact analyses.

  • Ensures business continuity by mitigating risk through repeatable processes and standardized scripts
  • Improves the quality and efficiency of IMS database changes
  • Provides impact analysis and automated job creation
  • Narrows skills gap for hybrid DBAs to transition to, or add, IMS management

Getting started with BMC AMI Administration for IMS is easy