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Swiss retailer seamlessly supports 1,400+ locations with digital business automation


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Business Challenge

With more than 1,400 outlets, 48,000 employees, and about 2.5 million customer members, Coop is Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale company. Key to its business success is maintaining optimized business processes. Underpinning these processes is an IT infrastructure that includes SAP-based enterprise resource planning and an SAP-supported point-of-sale system. These systems, which run about 140,000 jobs each day, play a critical role in logistics and ensure that pricing in the stores is up to date. Keeping these jobs running reliably and on time is crucial.

BMC Solution

Coop relies on Control-M to automate and manage SAP job processing. Control-M integrates the management of critical workload processes from a single point of control. In addition, Coop information and communications technology (ICT) has implemented Control-M Self Service to extend controlled, role-based access to other stakeholders in IT and to business users.

Business Impact

With Control-M, Coop ICT keeps 107 SAP instances humming in development, test, and production environments. The solution runs critical SAP jobs, ensuring that they are completed on time so that store shelves stay stocked, cash registers keep working, and customers remain happy.

  • Increased staff productivity allows ICT to manage 140,000 job runs a day with only three administrators.
  • Automated alerts notify the staff immediately when batch processing issues arise and permit ICT staff to step in before an issue disrupts operations.
  • End-to-end, color-coded process views facilitate identification of problematic components to speed troubleshooting.
  • Users outside the Control-M team can order jobs and gain visibility into job status, which reduces the load on the ICT staff, freeing up staff time for more strategic activities.
  • Scalability and flexibility support rapid growth, including organic growth and growth through acquisition.

"We have job flows that start a batch process in one SAP system, transfer the data to another for processing, and then return the processed data back to the first system. We just couldn’t handle this workload complexity and volume without the automation provided by Control-M."

— Stephan Conrad, ICT System Specialist, Coop

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