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SecOps は、IT セキュリティと IT 運用のシームレスなコラボレーションであり、リスクを効果的に軽減します。BMC SecOps ソリューションをチーム内で使用すると、すべての環境にわたって自動化された統合的なアプローチを通じて、重大な脆弱性に優先順位を付け、それらの脆弱性を修復し、コンプライアンス違反に体系的に対処することができます。
Forbes Insights: Enterprises Re-engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Forbes Insights: Enterprises Re-Engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

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3 imperatives to drive effective security and compliance for multi-cloud

Enrich security data with operational context for rapid action

BMC SecOps Solutions help organizations combine security and operations data for more accurate and actionable analysis, enabling them to identify blind spots and prioritize and fix the most critical flaws first in any environment.

  • BMC SecOps Response Service provides a “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact, using criteria that considers business risk and protects stability.
  • BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud exposes security blind spots by integrating with BMC SecOps Response Service to identify unknown or unmanaged equipment that has not been scanned for issues.
  • BMC SecOps Response Service displays the status of work in various stages to eliminate duplicative effort, manage bottlenecks, and keep stakeholders informed.

Identify and prioritize security actions based on severity and impact.

BMC SecOps Solutions provided a tiered approach to remediation based on policies which consider severity, environment, process, and application impact.

  • BMC SecOps Response Service integrates with endpoint management systems like BladeLogic Server Automation, BladeLogic Network Automation, and Microsoft System Center and Configuration Manager to create an automated process to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities
  • BladeLogic Server Automation increases IT efficiency by up to 200% with a scalable, closed loop for automated remediation
  • BladeLogic Network Automation natively performs scan-less and real-time detection of vulnerabilities across a diverse network environment without degrading performance


BladeLogic Server Automation および BladeLogic Network Automation は、システムの検出、監視、修復、および統合変更管理の全サイクルを提供します。また、BMC Remedy Service Management Suite と簡単に統合して、コンプライアンスを継続的に確保することができます。

  • CIS、DISA、HIPAA、PCI、SOX、NIST、SCAP 対応の事前に定義されたポリシーにより、2 倍の速さでコンプライアンスを達成
  • 文書化と修正作業を統合した機能で、修復、ロールバック、および構成の更新を簡素化
  • BMC Discovery との統合により、データセンター内のすべてのソフトウェア、ハードウェア、ネットワーク、ストレージ、およびバージョンを検出し、全アセット間の依存関係を表示

10 million citizens benefit from more secure digital government services

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