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BMC integrates with Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform (TPP) to automate certificate management and access control, towards enterprise-wide Zero Trust security and removing labor-intensive processes.

Take control, reduce errors, and stop expensive outages

  • Automate your essential Machine Identity Management activity
  • Reduce manual effort at a time when mainframe expertise is at a premium
  • Ensure availability and reduce application outages due to poor certificate management
  • Protect your systems and contribute to a Zero Trust security stance through authorized access only to the most important data in your environment
Machine Identity Management for Mainframe

Talk to a Venafi architect and BMC experts to explore how this integration will work for you.

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Build Zero Trust: Bring Venafi to your mainframe environment

Protect your operations with Zero Trust security

For the Business

Despite its central role in many organizations, the IBM Z Mainframe hasn’t benefited from machine identity management protection—until now.

  • The mainframe underpins operations in key sectors, including banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, and utilities
  • If certificates are not implemented and managed correctly, applications can stop impacting operations and customer service—opening your business up to security risks
  • BMC integration with Venafi means automated and fully controlled mainframe certificate management to protect your systems further and deliver application availability
  • This relieves mainframe teams from time-consuming and error-prone tasks so they can focus on more strategic work and benefit from the control and oversight you expect

The Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) is designed to protect machine identities. Powered by BMC for the mainframe, it gives you the visibility, intelligence, and automation to protect the keys and certificates in use across your extended enterprise.

Work smarter: Implement 100s or 1000s of certificates every month

For Mainframe Teams

Managing certificates and ensuring they stay valid is a huge undertaking for enterprises with tens of thousands of servers and endpoints. BMC integration with Venafi makes it easy for mainframe teams and application owners to keep up with this activity.

  • Automate and manage the creation of certificates and trusted connections to help deliver Zero Trust
  • Relieve busy teams from mundane, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks in certificate management
  • Avoid manual fixes or homegrown solutions that may not ensure availability and could raise security issues
  • Retain full control over the timing of final certificate implementation

Working across multiple IBM® z/OS® Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) tools, including IBM RACF, Broadcom CA ACF2, and Top Secret®, the Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) is easy to use via a secure REST API.

  • Generate all the certificates you need
  • Load the signed certificates
  • Execute the ESM commands to implement certificates as and when required
  • Multi LPAR and Sysplex environments supported

BMC AMI Security

Go Further

The BMC integration with Venafi works in tandem with the BMC AMI Security solution as part of a wider mainframe security deployment.

In a complex and ever-changing cyber threat landscape, BMC AMI Security means you can automatically detect and respond to threats on your mainframe. It enables continuous protection against vulnerabilities, malicious actions, and data theft as you work towards a Zero Trust posture.

  • Automated protection, detection, and response
  • Integrated with leading SIEM tools and BMC Helix
  • Actionable intelligence for incident response
  • Real-time alerts and audit trails to address compliance mandates

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Getting started with Venafi for IBM® z/OS® Powered by BMC is easy