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BMC Helix Service Monitoring: Essential Subscription

BMC Helix Service Monitoring applies machine learning and analytics to help IT operations manage the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data across complex environments to predict, find & fix issues faster.

This subscription provides a deep dive of BMC Helix Service Monitoring. The content of this subscription will explain the features and capabilities of BMC Helix Service Monitoring and help you leverage them.

Major release:

BMC Helix Operations Management & AIOps

Good for:

Administrators, Consultant, Operators

Course Delivery:

Self Paced | 3 時間

Learner Objectives

  • Get an insight into the current business requirements for efficiently managing performance and availability of data
  • Understand the features and benefits of BMC Helix Service Monitoring
  • Get an overview of BMC Helix Service Monitoring and the new console
  • Understand the key concepts of BMC Helix Service Monitoring
  • Understand how BMC Helix Service Monitoring is used with the help of a use case
  • Understand service topology and its components
  • Understand how to view the service topology details

Subscription Courses


  • WBT Course 1: BMC Helix AIOps: Overview (WBT)
  • WBT Course 2: BMC Helix AIOps: Fundamentals Navigating the Console (WBT)
  • WBT Course 3: BMC Helix AIOps: Fundamentals Key Concepts - Part 1 (WBT)
  • WBT Course 4: BMC Helix AIOps: Fundamentals Key Concepts - Part 2 (WBT)
  • WBT Course 5: BMC Helix AIOps: Fundamentals Use Case (WBT)
  • WBT Course 6: BMC Helix Service Monitoring: Fundamentals Viewing Service Topology Details - Part 1 (WBT)