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FootPrints Service Core 12.x: Administering

This four-day instructor-led training provides the knowledge and critical skills necessary to administer FootPrints service desk 12.x, with major focus placed on installation, preferences, customizations, reporting, address book management, knowledge base, and self-service.

Included in this course is the optional examination for BMC Accredited Administrator: FootPrints Service Core 12.x.

BMC Accredited Administrator

Major release:

Footprints Service Desk 12.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 40.00 時間

Course Modules

  • Installation
    • Planning for Your Installation
    • Installing FootPrints service desk
    • Managing Licenses
  • Configuring Your System
    • Getting Started
    • Using Business Processes from Templates
    • Publishing Containers
    • Configuring Address Books
    • Configuring Email
    • Configuring Authentication
    • Configuring the Server
  • Configuring Your Working Environment
    • Configuring the Interface
    • Configuring Fields
    • Configuring Forms
    • Configuring Items
    • Configuring Relationships
    • Configuring Business Rules
    • Configuring Email for Workspaces
    • Configuring Knowledge Bases
    • Configuring Preventive Maintenance
  • Configuring Your Working Environment – Advanced
    • Configuring Service Level Management
    • Configuring Surveys
    • Configuring Templates
    • Configuring Workflow Processes
    • Configuring Work Schedules
    • Configuring Workspaces
    • Localizing Forms, Fields, and Templates
    • Managing Configuration Settings
    • Scheduling Tasks
    • Configuring Chat
  • User Management
    • User Management
    • Configuring Users
    • Configuring User Roles
    • User Permissions
  • Service Analytics (Reporting)
    • Working with Service Analytics
    • Ticket Management
    • Configuring Life Cycle Reporting
    • Service Portfolio
    • Time Tracking
    • Dashboard
    • Custom Reports
    • Cross Item Reports