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BMC FootPrints Service Core 20.x: Fundamentals Administering

This 5-day instructor-led training provides the knowledge and critical skills necessary to administer BMC FootPrints Service Core, with a major focus placed on installation, preferences, configuration options, reporting, address book management, knowledge base, and self-service.

This course is followed by the BMC Certified Associate: FootPrints Service Core 20.x for Administrators Online Exam.

Major release:

Footprints Service Desk 20.x

Good for:

Architects, Administrators

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 40 時間

Course Modules

  • System Configuration
    • Getting Started
    • Authentication
    • Configuring work schedules
    • Editing work schedules
    • Deleting work schedules
    • Configuring chat
    • Changing the location of the file attachments directory
    • Configuring miscellaneous system settings
  • Administration Basics
    • Busines Processes Templates
    • Quick Templates
    • Localizing fields
    • Customize the Agent Mobile form
    • Configuring workflow process
    • Email management
    • Organizing Users into Teams
  • Address Books
    • Creating address books
    • Creating address book data files
    • Configuring a Contact item
    • Configuring Master Contact records
    • Editing address books
    • Deleting address books
  • Workspaces
    • Configuring workspaces
    • Viewing workspaces
    • Creating workspaces
    • Copying workspaces
    • Editing workspaces
    • Deleting workspaces
    • Configuring time tracking for a workspace
  • Surveys
    • Planning your survey
    • Creating survey items
    • Creating survey questions
    • Adding questions and instructions to survey forms
    • Defining survey email templates
    • Testing your survey
  • Knowledge Base
    • Configuring knowledge bases
    • Linking tickets or CIs to solutions
    • Linking to an external knowledge bases
    • Editing knowledge bases
    • Deleting knowledge bases
    • Enabling Auto-Filtering
    • Creating category trees
  • Service Portfolios
    • Editing service portfolios
    • Deleting service portfolios
    • Configuring service level targets
    • Defining rules for Service Level Management (SLM)
    • Lifecycle status definitions
    • Configuring lifecycle reporting
    • Configuring work targets
    • Configuring Contracts
    • Configuring SLM in a service portfolio
    • Configuring Service Categories for your Service Catalog
    • Creating category trees
    • Scheduling tasks
    • Scheduling auto-run reports
  • Integration
    • Configuring BMC Client Management
    • Configuring BMC Footprints Sync
    • Configuring with Microsoft Office 365
    • Configuring Web Services
  • Troubleshooting and Help
    • Record Lock
    • Browsing audit trail logs
    • Using Phone Home
    • BMC FootPrints Service Core Online Documentation
    • Support information