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BMC Helix ITSM - Smart Reporting 20.x: Fundamentals Report Designing

This course introduces the learners to deep level customization and design functionality available in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting application. This course primarily focuses on the custom report creation process using various functionalities. This course will provide more insights in regard to new functionalities such as Freehand SQL, Subquery and Advanced Authoring. The learners will gain hands-on experience in designing various types of custom reports using different advanced functionalities.

This course is applicable primarily to the Administrators, Personal Content Writers and Public Content Writers.

Major release:

BMC Helix ITSM 20.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 16 時間

Course Modules

  • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Refresher
    • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Console
    • Smart Reporting Components
    • New features of Smart Reporting
    • Advanced Authoring
    • Freehand SQL
    • Types of reports in Smart Reporting
  • Create a Bucket Report
    • Moderate Complexity Custom Reports
    • Bucket Analysis Functionality
    • Steps to create a Bucket Analysis report
  • Create a Report Using Freehand SQL
    • Custom view creation with custom SQL
    • Reports created using Freehand SQL
    • Freehand SQL Functionality
    • Steps to create a report using the Freehand SQL Functionality