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BMC Helix ITSM - Smart Reporting 19.x: Fundamentals Administering (ASP)

This two-day course focuses on the responsibilities of administrators. The course introduces the learners to the key features and functionality of the BMC Helix ITSM - Smart Reporting application. Also, the learners will gain hands-on experience in the various administrative tasks related to the application.

This course is applicable primarily to the administrators who are responsible for onboarding, offboarding and configuring BMC Helix ITSM - Smart Reporting. The learners will be guided on how to manage content, work with views, optimize product performance, troubleshoot, and other administering tasks.

Note: It is suggested that learners have a basic understanding of their:
» Data sources (typically the application that you work with) and its corresponding structure
» Reporting needs and ability to translate that into relevant input to create reports

Major release:

BMC Helix ITSM 19.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 16 時間

Course Modules

  • Creating Content
    • Define views and its components
    • Various field types
    • Steps involved in view design methodology
    • Steps to create and edit a view
    • Steps to create a custom report
    • Steps to create a dashboard tab
  • Configuring BMC Remedy Smart Reporting
    • Steps to complete the configuration after onboarding of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting
    • Access Filters for reports
    • Steps to set row-level security variables
    • Steps to update cross-launch settings
  • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Administration Console
    • Administration Console features and functionality including:
      • Main Panel items
      • Configuration and Administration options
      • Additional functionality available to a Super Admin
    • Updating view references to a custom view
    • Steps to create a view for an archive form
    • Geo Packs overview
    • Importing Storyboard themes
  • Additional Administrative Tasks
    • Configuration of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting log settings
    • Updating the Data Source connection password
    • Changing the frequency of the user sync job
    • Changing the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Super Admin password
    • Setting up Audit Reports
    • Optimizing BMC Remedy Smart Reporting performance
    • Troubleshooting steps for most commonly observed Smart Reporting issues