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BMC Helix CMDB: Education Enterprise Product Subscription

BMC Helix Configuration Management Database (CMDB) helps you to source, store, monitor, and manage the configuration item (CI) data from multiple sources into a single location allowing you to understand your environment. Using examples, demonstrations, and scenarios the content of the online education subscription help you develop skills in BMC Helix CMDB administration, integration, and configuration and details the use of this solution to identify and remediate system vulnerabilities.

Note: This content is part of an annual subscription and is regularly updated and changed, without notice, based on product updates, improvements, and additions. During the duration of the subscription, users will have access to the latest content without incurring additional fees or being subject to additional registrations.

Major release:


Good for:

Users, Administrators, Consultant

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 88.5 時間

Learner Objectives


  • Describe the BMC Helix CMDB architecture
  • Explain the concept of configuration items (CIs)
  • Explain consumers of BMC Helix CMDB data
  • Describe process to load data into BMC Helix CMDB
  • Explain the purpose and use of datasets
  • Explain the purpose of the Product Catalog
  • Describe how the Product Catalog supports multitenancy
  • Explain how the Product Catalog helps the CMDB to normalize data


  • Discover BMC CMDB Dashboard and various search features
  • Use BMC CMDB UI to search, modify, and create Cis
  • Explain how the CMDB supports key IT Service functions, such as Asset, Incident, and Change Management
  • Explore the Class Manager and its various features
  • Describe various data importing methods in BMC CMDB
  • Configuring BMC CMDB Server Settings
  • Learn about overview of REST API, general principles for using the REST API and benefits of using the REST API
  • Describe how to use BMC CMDB functions in an external application with the REST API
  • Explain the difference in user permissions for BMC CMDB Data consumers
  • Describe various Reconciliation methods in BMC CMDB

Subscription Courses

Unlimited Offerings


  • WBT Course 1: BMC Helix CMDB 20.x: Fundamentals Administering - Part 1
  • WBT Course 2: BMC Helix CMDB 21.x: Enhancements for Administering
  • WBT Course 3: BMC Helix CMDB 22.x: Fundamentals Administering - Part 1

Limited Offerings for Designated Administrators

Helix CMDB

  • SPT Course 1: BMC Helix CMDB 20.x: Fundamentals Administering - Part 2
  • Certification 1: BMC Certified Associate: Helix CMDB 20.x for Administrators Online Exam
  • SPT Course 2: BMC Helix CMDB 20.x: Advanced Using REST API and Pentaho Spoon
  • SPT Course 3: BMC Helix CMDB 20.x: Advanced Extending CDM and Asset Attributes