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BMC FootPrints Service Core 12.x: Administering (ASP)

BMC FootPrints gives IT organizations the control necessary to continuously improve service delivery and manage IT assets while driving efficiencies, controlling costs, maintaining compliance, and reducing IT vulnerability and financial risk.

This course combines classroom instruction with laboratory exercises to guide students through administering BMC Footprints Service Core. Students will develop skills in product installation, preferences, customizations, reporting, address book management, knowledge base, and self-service.

Major release:

Footprints Service Desk 12.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 40 時間

Course Modules

  • Module 4: System Configuration
    • Getting Started
    • Licenses
    • Managing Licenses
    • Authentication
    • Configuring Work Schedules
    • Editing Work Schedules
    • Deleting Work Schedules
    • Configuring Chat
    • Changing the Location of the File Attachments Directory
    • Configuring Miscellaneous System Settings
    • Troubleshooting and Help
    • Record Lock
    • Browsing Audit Trail Logs
    • Using Phone Home
    • Help for BMC FootPrints Service Core Online Documentation
    • Searching BMC FootPrints Service Core Help
    • Support Information
  • Module 8: Address Books
    • Creating Address Books
    • Configuring a Dynamic SQL Address Book
    • Configuring an Address Book for LDAP
    • Configuring an Address Book for Microsoft CRM
    • Configuring an Address Book for Salesforce.com
    • Creating Address Book Data Files
    • Configuring a Contact Item
    • Configuring Master Contact Records
    • Editing Address Books
    • Deleting Address Books
  • Module 10: Workspaces
    • Configuring Workspaces
    • Viewing Workspaces
    • Creating Workspaces
    • Copying Workspaces
    • Editing Workspaces
    • Deleting Workspaces
    • Configuring Time Tracking for a Workspace
  • Module 16: Surveys
    • Planning Your Survey
    • Creating Survey Items
    • Creating Survey Questions
    • Adding Questions and Instructions to Survey Forms
    • Defining Survey Email Templates
    • Testing Your Survey
  • Module 17: Knowledge Base
    • Configuring Knowledge Bases
    • Linking Tickets or CIs to Solutions
    • Linking to External Knowledge Bases
    • Editing Knowledge Bases
    • Deleting Knowledge Bases
    • Enabling Auto-Filtering
  • Module 18: Service Portfolios
    • Key Concepts
    • Editing Service Portfolios
    • Deleting Service Portfolios
    • Configuring Contracts
    • Creating Contracts
    • Editing Contract Items
  • Module 19: Configuring Service Level Targets
    • Creating Service Level Targets
    • Editing Service Level Targets
    • Deleting Service Level Targets
    • Defining Rules for Service Level Management (SLM)
    • Configuring SLM in a Service Portfolio
    • Configuring SLM in a Workspace
    • Lifecycle Status Definitions
    • Configuring Lifecycle Reporting
    • Configuring Work Targets
    • Creating Work Targets
    • Editing Work Target Items
    • Deleting Work Target Items
  • Module 22: Service Analytics
    • Configuring Reports
    • Types of Reports
    • Customizing Activity Reports
    • Creating Average Age by Assignee Reports
    • Creating Cross-Item Reports
    • Creating Lifecycle Comparison Reports
    • Customizing Resolution Rate Reports
    • Customizing Service Portfolio Reports
    • Creating Status Comparison Reports
    • Creating Time Tracking Reports
    • Configuring Reports
    • Creating Watchlist Reports
    • Editing Reports
    • Copying Reports
    • Deleting Reports
  • Module 23: Integration
    • Configuring BMC Client Management
    • Configuring BMC FootPrints Sync
    • Configuring with Microsoft Office 365
    • Configuring Web Services