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BMC Discovery: Enterprise Education Subscription

The goal of BMC Discovery is to automate asset discovery and identify systems in the network and obtain relevant information from them as quickly as possible and with the lowest impact, using a variety of different tools and techniques to communicate.

BMC Discovery is a datacenter discovery solution that automatically discovers datacenter inventory, configuration and relationship data, and maps applications to the IT infrastructure. BMC Discovery establishes the foundation for improving IT processes and productivity by providing timely and actionable insight to make informed decisions in IT service management, asset management and infrastructure/operations management.

Using examples, demonstrations, and scenarios, the content of the online education subscription provides an overview of BMC Discovery and details the use of this solution to identify and remediate system vulnerabilities.

IMPORTANT: Self-Paced Training (SPT) courses contained in this subscription is comprised of a course instructor video that includes a demonstration of recorded lab exercises.

Major release:

BMC (Helix) Discovery 20.x, 21.x

Good for:

Administrators, Users

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 128 時間

Learner Objectives

  • Describe the working of BMC Discovery
  • Review the layout and utilities in the user interface
  • Access available dashboards and configure dashboards
  • Describe a taxonomy and view standard patterns from the UI
  • Run a basic discovery scan and interpret the results
  • Explain different Discovery access types
  • Configure credentials for scans in BMC Discovery
  • Describe storage discovery in BMC Discovery
  • Describe patterns
  • Explain the concept of first scan, second scan, and optimization in a discovery run
  • Describe clustering and cluster management in BMC Discovery
  • Explain the Start Anywhere Application Modeling (SAAM) functionality
  • Explain software and infrastructure visualization
  • Describe CMDB resynchronization performance improvements

Subscription Courses


  • SPT Course 1: BMC Discovery 20.x: Fundamentals Administering
  • SPT Course 2: BMC Discovery 20.x: Fundamentals Application Modeling
  • SPT Course 3: BMC Discovery 21.x: Fundamentals Administering
  • WBT Course 1: BMC Discovery 21.x: Fundamentals Concepts (WBT)


  • BMC Certified Associate: Discovery 20.x for Administrators Online Exam
  • BMC Certified Associate: Discovery 20.x Application Modeling for Administrators Online Exam
  • BMC Certified Associate: Discovery 21.x for Administrators Online Exam