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BMC Discovery 22.x: Fundamental Concepts (WBT)

BMC Discovery is a data center discovery solution that automatically discovers data center inventory, configuration and relationship data, and maps applications to the IT infrastructure. BMC Discovery establishes the foundation for improving IT processes and productivity by providing timely and actionable insight to make informed decisions in IT service management, asset management and infrastructure/operations management.

BMC Discovery 22.x: Fundamental Concepts (WBT) is a pre-requisite course that provides an overview of the fundamentals of BMC Discovery. It introduces administrators to the key concepts, features, importance, and end-to-end processes of BMC Discovery. Administrators will also become acquainted with how to navigate the user interface, the layout components and work with dashboards and channels. Additionally, administrators will also learn how to perform basic tasks and a full Discovery scan run.

Major release:

BMC (Helix) Discovery 22.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 時間

Course Modules

  • Module 1: BMC Discovery 22.x: Overview
    • Explain an overview of BMC Discovery
    • Identify the need and compelling events of BMC Discovery
    • Describe how BMC Discovery empowers business solutions
    • List key features of BMC Discovery
    • List the main components of BMC Discovery
    • Describe the capabilities of BMC Discovery
    • Describe the advantages of BMC Discovery
    • Describe the BMC Discovery process
    • Overview of Credentials
    • Overview of Credential Vault
    • Explain the BMC Discovery Run sequence
    • Describe BMC Discovery Content Reference
    • Explain the BMC Online Documentation portal
    • Accessing BMC Discovery Community
  • Module 2: Navigating BMC Discovery
    • Overview of BMC Discovery User Interface
    • Viewing the Home page of BMC Discovery
    • Explain default and admin dashboards of BMC Discovery
    • Work with BMC Discovery dashboards
    • Overview of Channels
    • List the different types of channels
    • Work with adding and editing channels
    • View and explain the Menu bar and Dynamic toolbox
    • View and explain the tabs – Explore, Model and Manage in the UI
    • View and explain the Dynamic toolbox
    • List tips for navigating the BMC Discovery UI
  • Module 3: Using BMC Discovery
    • Describe how to log in to the system
    • Secure your appliance in BMC Discovery
    • Explain how to enable other users
    • Overview of Software and Infrastructure visualization
    • Describe the types of Display focus views
    • Describe the Visualization tools and Display controls
    • Viewing Summary List pages
    • Viewing Objects
    • Explain an overview of Scanning and its stages
    • Explain the process of scanning an IP Range
    • Describe the types of Discovery Run
    • Explain how to start and stop Discovery
    • Explain how to perform an initial Discovery run
    • Explain how to examine Scan results
    • Perform re-scanning with Credentials
    • Exclude ranges from Discovery scan