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ING Bank Slaski automates data processing with governance


Instead of weeks for workflows

70% reduction

in processing time

5 million

customers supported


ING Bank Slaski is one of the largest banks in Poland with the majority owner being the Dutch ING Group. The bank has more than 300 bank branches, 4,400 ATM machines, and nearly five million retail customers. The bank handles large amounts of data through its corporate data warehouse as well as a big data platform. The data warehouse is fed by data extracts from over 40 internal sources.

The Challenge

Getting accurate data on time is critical for the bank’s many services as well as reporting requirements, including the reports that go out to various regulators such as the National Bank of Poland and the European Central Bank (ECB). Delivering a report late can result in fines as well as limit some of the bank’s activities.

Over time, the bank used automation across a variety of IT and business functions, resulting in a complex web of automation solutions, along with the built-in capabilities of their data warehouse platforms. This had not only required them to maintain different skill sets, but also brought to the surface some of the automation functionality gaps of the tools, resulting in a need to develop solutions themselves.

The Solution

The bank decided to take the platform approach and standardize digital business automation capabilities across multiple systems with Control-M from BMC. With a rich set of advanced automation capabilities and ease of use, Control-M automates and orchestrates many of the bank’s business processes, eliminating the need to support different automation tools and maintain multiple competencies. It has also allowed developers to spend less time on scripting and operational plumbing and more time on delivering value to the business.

During the process of modernizing their applications and taking advantage of big data technologies, the bank’s IT organization identified a lack of governance and lineage recording capability with the existing extract/transform/load (ETL) tools. Data Manager from Bluemetrix immediately stood out as the data management solution to address the bank’s requirements to ingest, govern, mask, and transform the data, as well as support the growing need of complying with the GDPR rules. Data Manager is used for the creation of the data pipelines and then uses its integration with Control-M to orchestrate the associated workflows.

Business Impact

Data Manager, with its tight integration with Control-M, makes it easy to configure the required actions with the data and construct it into workflows. These two solutions combined address the bank’s need to:

  • Easily and rapidly define and execute new data processing workflows
  • Support the business’s appetite for analytics
  • Generate workflows within hours rather than weeks
  • Maintain GDPR compliance and data security

“All processing of the data-driven models in the big data platform is automated by Control-M and the logic of the data processing is defined and supported by Data Manager Control.”

— Mariusz Narewski, Senior IT Manager, ING Bank Slaski

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