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BMC Compuware Xpediter is a family of debuggers and interactive analysis tools for COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, and C programs that helps developers quickly understand applications, make changes, and fix problems in a secure environment—even if they’re unfamiliar with the source code. 

Move higher quality code into production faster

Xpediter enables developers to get into an interactive test session with minimal effort and quickly move applications into production with greater confidence.

  • See line-by-line code execution and control all aspects of program execution and data
  • Use Code Coverage to see proof of execution and view metrics on multi-platform applications
  • Access Abend-AID diagnostic capabilities from within a debugging session
  • See a graphical view of source code through an integration with Topaz for Program Analysis
  • Leverage Topaz for Total Test for building a comprehensive portfolio of automated virtualized test cases
  • Intercept and debug mainframe transactions initiated remotely, such as a web application or mobile application calls to the mainframe

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Accelerate application understanding and execution

Help both veteran and novice developers increase productivity

Execution Programmer

Xpediter provides total control of program execution and data variable contents, enabling programmers to test every line of code in a program with ease.

  • Create an automated virtualized test by right-clicking over to Topaz for Total Test
  • Use Code Coverage reports for quick assessments of test-related risk and documentation of testing
  • See covered and uncovered code highlighted so developers can quickly spot areas that need attention, just as they do in Java

Understand the scope and effectiveness of testing as code is promoted to production

Experienced Execution Programmer
  • Feed Code Coverage metrics generated by Xpediter and collected by Topaz for Total Test into SonarQube to accurately track and validate application testing
  • Obtain complete fault diagnosis reports from Abend-AID should a program abend during a debug session
  • Use Topaz for Program Analysis for visualization of production abend resolution
  • Debug IMS online applications through integration with COPE IMS virtualization

Getting started with Xpediter is easy