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Capacity Management for Mainframes

Capacity Management for Mainframes

Proven mainframe capacity planning and performance management in a single product

BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes helps you effectively respond to business demand, while reducing operating and capital expenditures, by providing both capacity planning and performance reporting capabilities.
  • Reduce costs by “right-sizing” the capacity requirements for your organization
  • Make informed capacity procurement decisions based on historical, current, and future business application performance
  • Track and manage performance via extensive reporting from the historical performance database
  • Quickly evaluate multiple scenarios before making final recommendations using interactive “what if” modeling
  • Improve productivity through automated web-based reporting

Forecast needs

Forecast future capacity requirements based on current and historical behavior to avoid over- or under-provisioning

Evaluate options

Evaluate different hardware, workload balancing, and application-tuning options — without costly hardware or application changes

Simplify management

Take a consistent, efficient, multi-platform approach for managing IT resources. Provide a business application view of performance reporting and capacity planning.

Reduce costs

Determine the best situations in which to use low-cost specialty engines, such as zIIPs and zAAPs.

Inform Stakeholders

Share performance reports within IT and with business leaders

Cross-platform capacity management

Manage capacity across platforms with TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Mainframes. It includes all the functionality of Capacity Management for Mainframes plus integration with the TrueSight console and database for seamless capacity management across mainframe and distributed systems.

Capacity management components

Capacity Management for Mainframes includes the following solution components.

  • Performance Reporting for Mainframes

    For robust performance reporting needs, BMC Performance Reporting for Mainframes automates the tasks associated with collecting data and creating performance reports. It eliminates the programming effort associated with creating performance reports of application response times, transaction counts, and subsystem metrics.

    • Effectively manage more systems using automated analysis and reporting
    • Intelligent reporting makes critical metrics readily available to decision makers
    • Drill-down capabilities isolate the root cause of performance issues

    This product is available either as a standalone or as part of the following offering: Capacity Management for Mainframes