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BMC Compuware zAdviser leverages machine learning to continuously measure and improve your mainframe DevOps processes and development outcomes based on key performance indicators (KPIs). zAdviser is a free service to customers on current maintenance.

Continuously improve Mainframe DevOps processes using machine learning

BMC Compuware zAdviser is fueled by ongoing collaboration with our customers to help organization continuously achieve better business outcomes over time. Using zAdviser, you can:

  • Continuously improve development from proven best practices based on data trends and benchmarks
  • New KPIs for industry-standard DORA Metrics including Deployment Frequency, Lead Time for Changes, Mean Time to Recovery, and Change Failure Rate
  • Drive modern IDE adoption to enable developers to manage code more efficiently
  • Measure developer productivity throughout the mainframe SDLC, from commit to deploy, and know what tools your developers are (or aren’t) using
  • Leverage Quality KPIs and the Escaped Abend Ratio feature to see how many bugs slip into production and negatively impact the end user

Continuously Improve Mainframe Application Development

New KPI dashboard to deliver applications and services more frequently and faster with higher quality

  • Deployment frequency: Measure how frequently your development teams are deploying to production
  • Lead time for changes: Know how quickly new or updated code can be deployed once it’s committed
  • Mean time to recovery (MTTR): See how quickly your teams recover from an interruption due to system/deployment failure
  • Change failure rate: Identify how often changes and deployments lead to failures

Spot trends and patterns that may help—or hinder—mainframe software delivery

Develop the right KPIs

The right KPIs are critical for mainframe DevOps success. zAdviser measures quality, velocity, and efficiency KPIs. Continuous improvement on these measures can materially improve your organization’s mainframe DevOps processes and development outcomes.

  • Measure how well or how poorly the value of development outcomes is progressing
  • Measure how much development work is completed within a given period
  • Gauge how successfully development tasks are executed without waste
  • Measure the overall engagement of your team

Become a high-performing organization

The more data that is captured, the more intelligent zAdviser becomes. As more data is collected, customers can use the KPI benchmarks established by zAdviser to gauge the performance of their development teams relative to other teams in their industry vertical, as well as the BMC Compuware ecosystem as a whole. With access to a rich array of metrics, organizations can understand what constitutes a high-performing team and continuously improve toward that end. Current available benchmarks include:

  • Mean Time to Resolution
  • Mean Lifecycle Time
  • Mean Testing Cycle Time
  • Mean Development Cycle Time
  • Regression Ratio

Get analysis and KPI recommendations

  • Identify adoption and usage of BMC Compuware tools at the organization, team, and user level
  • Drill down to the essential functionality that should be known and understood by individual users
  • Peruse a broad range of metrics for insights into feature and functionality usage across LPARs using interactive dashboards built on Elastic Cloud service and Kibana visualization technology
  • Correlate behavioral data inputs and operational results to pinpoint anomalies that can lead to process improvements
"We implemented zAdviser to help us manage our software delivery better. When we saw abends, bugs, and code regressions increasing, looking at user dashboards showed us that there were developers not using Xpediter or Abend-AID, so we targeted training on both tools and quickly corrected the issue." — Director of Application Development, Global Auto Manufacturer

Getting started with zAdvisor is easy