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BMC’s SecOps Policy Service ensures your developers can perform critical security and compliance checks without hampering agile development and innovation.
Optimize security and compliance for DevOps
Optimize security and compliance for DevOps

Insert security and compliance checks into your development pipelines to reduce risk for your multi-cloud applications.

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Find and fix security and compliance issues early

SecOps Policy Service is a cloud-based offering that provides continuous verification, analytics, and governance throughout your software delivery process.

  • Integration of compliance and security checks into the continuous delivery process
  • Compliance, security, and governance analysis of immutable infrastructure such as Docker Containers, AWS CloudFormation, private and hybrid clouds
  • Flexible architecture with built-in connectors and policy extensibility for virtually any data source
  • Cloud security scoring and vulnerability remediation for public cloud services such as AWS and Azure
  • Out-of-the-box policy content for fast time to value

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Drive security and compliance across your multi-cloud business

Build and release secure applications and infrastructure without disrupting innovation

To ensure consistent policy compliance while delivering new applications on time, you need to be able to test applications early, fast, and frequently. SecOps Policy Service easily integrates into an agile delivery model to reduce risk without slowing you down.

  • Uncover security risks such as application vulnerabilities and remediate before they reach production
  • Detect and fix issues when they are the easiest and least costly to remediate
  • Integrate into your existing DevOps processes, inserting security and compliance tests where needed

Use cases:

  • Test for and catch library dependency vulnerabilities earlier in the development build cycle, before they become too costly to fix
  • Utilize Docker with confidence by ensuring Docker hosts, daemons and the containers that run on them are protected from hackers
  • Use the SecOps Policy Service resources view to ensure that DevOps teams are running library, web penetration, and other cloud service tests during the build and release processes

Deliver multi-cloud applications securely and in compliance - then keep them that way

Keeping multi-cloud applications secure and compliant requires governance across a wide landscape of cloud services and environments. With SecOps Policy Service you can meet the needs of both an accelerated development environment and rigorous security and compliance controls.

  • Insert security and compliance checks into the development process to keep vulnerabilities out of production
  • Avoid the risks and costs associated with a security incident or compliance violation
  • Adopt consistent policies across applications and lines-of-business regardless of release methodology

Use cases:

  • Use SecOps Policy Service dashboard to visualize organizational compliance including top violations
  • Use resource and violation views to prioritize and focus remediation activities on application or resources that pose the greatest risk to the organization
  • Implement standards based (CIS, OWASP) or custom compliance policies to support multi-cloud and DevOps initiatives

Align security and compliance with the dynamic nature of multi-cloud applications

Maintaining security and compliance in a multi-cloud environment requires knowledge of cloud services, the associated risks, and how to remediate vulnerabilities quickly. With ever-changing and emerging technologies, you need a dynamic cloud service that keeps you secure and compliant.

  • Platform-specific policy content for containers, PaaS service configurations, network, and storage
  • DevOps pipelines with integrated compliance and security for application libraries, web app vulnerabilities, and application blueprints
  • Automated, multi-tier remediation across cloud services to keep secure and compliant

Use cases:

  • Use AWS and Azure cloud connectors for complete visibility into cloud resources and services being used, such as AWS IAM Credentials, KMS, and RDS
  • Easily remediate violations on cloud resources such as AWS S3 Buckets and Elastic Search services to close compliance gaps and the reduce risk of ransomware
  • Leverage Policy Service content community for connectors and policies to secure other multi-cloud environments

Drive new revenue streams for security and compliance offered as a service to cloud users

Your cloud and networking customers expect expertise regarding security and compliance for multi-cloud services and technologies. SecOps Policy Service can help your customers insert tests and automated remediation into their development pipelines and IT operations.

  • Deliver value added services to your cloud and networking tenants to help them stay secure and complaint
  • Help tenants reduce their compliance and security risks proactively
  • Improve tenants’ security confidence leading to increased cloud usage

Use cases

  • Provide security and compliance tests on demand, allowing tenants to get complete visibility into their cloud resources and services
  • Provide integrated Policy Service API vulnerability checks with CSP infrastructure for immediate policy decisions
  • Offer preemptive security and compliance monitoring with notifications and alerting

Getting started with SecOps Policy Service is easy