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Mainframe cost optimization is the art and science of delivering critical business services at the same level or better, and doing it faster and cheaper. It requires an approach that combines insight, planning, and the use of innovative mainframe solutions that are cost aware.
第 11 回メインフレーム年次調査結果
第 11 回メインフレーム年次調査結果


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A new approach that optimizes for better outcomes

In the rush to do more with less, many IT departments are laser — focused on cutting costs–especially on their mainframes. But if the cost cutting reduces the value of the mainframe, you don’t really save. BMC believes that the key is to focus on mainframe cost optimization rather than simply cutting costs.

Cost Optimizing

  • Strategic and thoughtful
  • Same or better service at a reduced cost
  • Focus on delivering positive benefits to the business

Cost Cutting

  • Tactical
  • Reduction or removal of IT Services
  • Focus on minimizing IT expense

BMC mainframe solutions have been architected from the ground up to be the industry’s most cost-efficient solutions to manage your data and systems.

3 ways to cost-effectively manage your mainframe

The only suite of solutions to manage and reduce MLC costs by up to 30% or more

IBM MLC costs commonly make up 30% or more of an organization’s total mainframe budget, and they grow by 4 to 7 percent each year. If you’ve added applications or capacity, it’s probably more.

BMC’s comprehensive suite of MLC cost management solutions offer cost transparency, 4-hour rolling average (4HRA) peak management, dynamic workload capping, and subsystem placement optimization that, when combined, can lower MLC by up to 30% or more. They help you to:

  • Implement a continuous, structured approach to achieve and maintain the lowest possible MLC
  • Provide transparency and insight into drivers of monthly costs
  • Model cost impact to ensure you don’t waste time on changes that don’t save money
  • Eliminate manual workload capping in favor of automated dynamic capping
  • Separate transactional subsystems from databases, which can also increase availability
  • Track your annual MLC budget to eliminate any year-end overage fees to IBM

Optimized systems management is key to improving performance and availability

You need intelligent, easy-to-use, automated solutions to detect and solve problems fast and lower operational costs with efficient resource usage.

BMC offers monitoring and automation solutions and data management solutions for DB2 and IMS that help you:

  • Achieve 50% more efficiency than with other solutions
  • Use common components to collect data once and share it, reducing resource requirements
  • Free up capacity for critical workloads with more efficient zIIP offloading
  • Manage systems more efficiently with a centralized architecture and a single view and control
  • Reduce cost and complexity with console consolidation
  • Improve application performance and 24x7 availability
  • Ensure your biggest asset—your critical DB2 and IMS data—is always accessible and safe

Advanced automation and modern, intuitive interfaces increase staff efficiency

BMC solutions provide intelligent automation for mainframe optimization and provide you with key insights, dashboards, and analytics in a modern user interface. In addition, they can help you attract and train a new-generation workforce. Our automated solutions enable you to set and use your own policies and rules so you don’t need programming skills to use them.

BMC mainframe solutions help you to:

  • Make your staff highly efficient through better insight, analytics, and real-time information about problems and drivers of cost
  • Train new mainframe professionals quickly with modern dashboards and graphical user interfaces
  • Enable staff to manage systems more efficiently with a centralized architecture and a single view and control

Fast transaction processing keeps retail customers in 330+ locations satisfied

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  • 90% Less MIPS consumption

    90% less

    MIPS consumption

  • 35% Less CPU usage

    35% less

    CPU usage

  • Reduced change risk


    change risk

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