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Dynamically deliver improved performance, higher availability, and reduced risk when you plan, manage, and optimize your infrastructure resources.

To successfully optimize your IT infrastructure, you need access to the technology, people, and processes that allow you to:

  • Plan, monitor, and dynamically adjust infrastructure utilization – regardless of where infrastructure resides
  • Monitor and adjust application and infrastructure performance – from the end user experience down to the bare metal on which the application is running
  • Gain visibility and control over infrastructure resource spending – both capital and operational expenses

Optimize your IT environment

Balance IT resources with application demands

BMC capacity planning and management solutions can help you understand what infrastructure you have, how it is used, and what capacity is available. You can model and reserve infrastructure resources for new applications based on business demand, gain insight into spare capacity, and increase capacity density by up to 30 percent.

  • Dynamic optimization based on real-time demand eliminates resource constraints that can impact brand reputation, and improves application performance by up to 30 percent
  • Incident tickets related to infrastructure resource constraints are typically reduced by up to 60 percent
  • Chargeback or showback reporting provides budget owners with costs for capital budget reviews

Measure and manage expenditures across mainframe, distributed, virtual and multi-cloud platforms

  • Establish cost limits and alerts on resource expenditures to assist with determining workload placement
  • Identify idle and unused resources and reclaim or repurpose them
  • Identify the key drivers of monthly mainframe expense, model proposed changes, and optimize your overall budget

Manage with a holistic view of service quality with support for physical, virtual, and cloud monitoring

Our application-centric approach to managing complex multi-source infrastructure enables IT Operations to ensure an optimal customer experience for critical business services and applications.

  • Create a holistic view of data center and multi-cloud assets and their relationships on a scalable, open platform
  • Understand what needs to live in your data center versus what can be moved to the cloud
  • Increase visibility into infrastructure and business application dependencies

Getting started with IT Optimization is easy