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Control-M Workload Archiving delivers historical output and logs for better problem analysis and audit compliance. Quickly searching and analyzing archived data enables you to detect and address challenges resulting in improved quality and on-time delivery of business services.
Realize millions of dollars in benefit with Control-M
Realize millions of dollars in benefit with Control-M

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Simplify audits, increase compliance, and reduce troubleshooting times

  • Reduce time to repair by gaining immediate access to historical job output and log information
  • Retain historical output and logs to meet audit and governance requirements with site-specific retention rules
  • Simplify problem analysis with access to historical output logs
  • Quickly locate the required troubleshooting and audit information with flexible search capabilities

Simplify audits and troubleshooting

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Support on-time delivery of business services

Simplify compliance and audit processing

Control-M Workload Archiving - Dont hide anymore

When the auditors knock, you can let them in. Imagine an audit requires output and log information from your payroll related jobs, and it needs to contain data for the last four pay periods. Using the same interface you use to manage your workloads, you can quickly and easily search, select, and export all output and log information into a package the auditor can consume.

  • Search archives using any number of search criteria, such as job name, application, date run, job status, and more
  • Save function allows you to export output and logs from individual jobs or any group of jobs to a local file
  • Policies let you easily set the time limits for data storage in the archive, for example three years for payroll-related data or seven years for customer account data

Reduce troubleshooting times

Control-M Workload Archiving - Get your life back

A job fails and impacts a critical service. You look at the output and log from the failed run, but can’t determine how to resolve it. With Workload Archiving you can search all prior output and log information to see if the problem has occurred before and how it was resolved. With this information, you’re better equipped to solve today’s issue and get the job, and the service it supports, back on time.

  • Search archive using text strings found in output and logs from prior day
  • Access archive from both installed client and self-service interface
  • Export data—such as job status, job name, application, start time—from prior runs into a local .csv file so you can perform your own data interrogation

Include developers in the process

Control-M Workload Archiving - Not just for infrastructure and operations

When building or modifying batch applications, developers can resolve current problems more efficiently by having access to historical job output. Speed your development and testing, resulting in applications being deployed more quickly and with fewer errors.

  • Self-service interface lets anyone, even those without workload experience, access historical data
  • Compare function identifies differences in output or log information across multiple days

Getting started with Control-M Workload Archiving is easy