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Partner Readiness and Education Program

Your Fast Track To Success

BMC's Partner Readiness and Education Program is entering its 7th year with more value to partners from our BMC Education Offerings in FY22 (April 2021March 2022).

View the FY22 PREP FAQ here
This document has full details on offering eligible for rebates and the FY22 rebate program for eligible partners.

What are the available packages for PREP FY22?

  • eLearning and Re-Certification Package
    • The eLearning and Re-certification Package is a partner company-wide offering which give all partner employees access to BMC Education’s eLearning (Web Based Training) library for the duration of the program this fiscal year. Additionally, all partner employees with expiring Professional Certification exams in FY22 (April 2021 – March 2022) gain access to all required exam to re-certify at the same level. Additionally, Accreditations passed after March 31, 2020 which have a new version of the exam for the product are also eligible for taking the new Certified Associate Exam.
    • Accreditation now is Certified Associate, those partners with remaining Accreditations will migrate to Certified Associate when passing the new exams.
    • Certified Professional (BCP) now requires prerequisite Certified Associate exams before the Certified Professional re-certification may be attempted.
    • eLearning library does not include those WBTs in the SaaS Subscriptions.
  • Ultimate Subscription Packages
    • Ultimate Subscriptions include training and exams to reach the BMC Certified Professional designation. The following Ultimate Subscription Packages are included in this year’s program and are rebate eligible for rebate eligible partners:
      • BMC Helix ITSM & CMDB: Ultimate Subscription
      • BMC Helix Digital Workplace and Add-Ons: Ultimate Subscription
      • Control-M Ultimate Subscription
      • BMC Discovery Ultimate Subscription
  • SaaS Subscription Packages
    • New SaaS subscription have been added to this year’s program. These may also be rebate eligible for partner eligible for rebate. They include the following subscriptions:
      • BMC Helix Control-M Essential Subscription – Consultants
      • BMC Helix Migration Essential Subscription – Consultants
      • BMC Helix AIOps: Essential Subscription
      • BMC Helix Operations Management: Essential Subscription
      • Additional SaaS subscriptions are planned to release soon
  • Other Ultimate and Essentials Subscriptions
    • Other Ultimate and Essential Subscriptions are still available at standard partner discounts for partners needing training or exams in other areas. Those not listed above are not eligible for rebates this year.
      • Essential Subscriptions include courses which lead to a Certified Associate designation
      • Ultimate Subscriptions include courses which lead to Certified Professional designation (and include what is in the Essential Subscriptions needed for the prereq Certified Associates – no need to buy both)

Click on a links below to learn more about each subscription offering. Please contact your Education Sales Representative for pricing and registration information.

The following PREP tracks are available:

Additional resources