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BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.x: Advanced Training - Service Modelling

TrueSight Operations Management is an integrated platform that monitors infrastructure and applications from a single interface. It goes beyond monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT intelligence. This helps resolve issues before they impact the business.

This course combines classroom instruction with laboratory exercises and demonstrations to guide students through the basic concepts of Service Monitoring using TrueSight Operations Management 11.x. Students will develop skills in: integrating TSOM with CMDB and Service Desk, working with service model using TrueSight Infrastructure Management Admin console, working with service model using Impact Model Designer, monitoring services from the TrueSight console and TrueSight Infrastructure Management Operator console, managing service impact model and BMC service resolution.

Major release:

TrueSight Operations Management 11.x

Good for:

Administrators, Consultant

Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 8 時間

Course Modules

  • Service Modeling Overview
    • Understand service modeling concepts
    • Learn the sources of Service model:
      • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Admin Console
      • BMC Impact Model Designer in BMC Atrium CMDB
      • Non-Atrium CMDB Sources
    • Learn the components of Service model
    • Learn different types of Service models


  • Service Modeling Using TSIM Admin Console
    • Create a service model using TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) Admin Console
    • Edit service model components and relationships
    • View service model from the TrueSight console and TSIM operator console
  • Service Modeling Using Impact Model Designer
    • Learn prerequisites to integrate TSOM with Atrium CMDB
    • Learn how to integrate TSOM with Atrium CMDB
    • Learn how to create, promote and publish a Service Model from the Impact Model Designer
    • Understand TSIM publishing server and its workflow
    • Learn how to create a Timeframe and Schedule
  • Service Impact Management
    • Understand how to associate and compute service impact by:
      • Associating monitor instances with CIs
      • Creating component Aliases
      • Creating Alias formulas
      • Performing service modeling at higher levels
      • Increasing granularity of the model
      • Set the priorities for the services or the applications
      • Using different status computation models
  • BMC Service Resolution
    • Understand workflow of BMC Service Resolution
    • Describe features of BMC Service Resolution
    • Learn to use events in TrueSight Infrastructure Management to open incidents in Service Desk
    • Describe levels of BMC Service Resolution