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Storage Monitoring with Sentry Hardware and Storage Solutions

This course provides IT administrators with a detailed technical knowledge of the structure, installation, operation, and troubleshooting of the powerful SAN monitoring features offered by The Sentry Software Storage Monitoring Solution within their PATROL Console or their BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management environment.

Using a workshop environment, group discussions, and use-cases based guided lab exercises, participants analyze, determine, and perform the necessary steps to install and configure a SAN monitoring solution that helps align their IT with ITIL® strategies and build a reliable foundation on which to base business-critical systems.

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Course Delivery:

Self Paced | 24.00 時間

Course Modules

  • Principles and Concepts
    • Terminology
    • Thin-provisioning
    • What are we actually monitoring?
    • Protocols
    • Proxies
    • Embedded APIs
    • Manufacturer Specific CLI utilities
  • Scenario-Based Exercises
    • Performed with EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL: Viewing overall activity of an EMC Disk Array; Reporting traffic on hourly or daily basis; Detecting high processor utilization; Detecting unbalanced workload distribution; Checking available spare disks; Diagnosing a bad physical disk layout; Reclaiming space of unused LUNs; Identifying busiest LUNs