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BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x:Fundamentals for Administrators–Part 1

BMC TrueSight Operations Management is an integrated platform that monitors infrastructure and applications from a single interface. It goes beyond monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT intelligence. This helps resolve issues before they impact the business.

This course combines classroom instruction with laboratory exercises to guide students through the basic concepts of BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x. At the end of this course, students will develop skills in product installation, administration, and configuration. This course will help students to create various policies, work with different consoles of BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x and creation of devices, groups, events, graphs, and SLOs. This course will also help students to develop the skills in working with monitoring solutions, setting up thresholds and baselines, and performing probable cause analysis.

Learner Objectives

  • Understand the architecture and components of BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x
  • Learn how to install SSO, TSPS, and TSIM
  • Understand the features and functionalities of the TrueSight console
  • Learn how to createinstallation packages for PATROL monitoring solution
  • Create Staging, Blackout, and Monitoring policies for PATROL agent
  • Install the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Administrator console
  • Create devices, groups, and add monitors
  • Study events and create graphs using the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Operator console
  • Create Service Level Objectives (SLOs) using theBMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management SLO console
  • Learn to create installation packages for PATROL monitoring solution
  • Create Monitoring policies for PATROL agent
  • Understand the concepts of TrueSight Analytics and Probable Cause Analysis»Learn to work with baselines and thresholds
  • Learn to perform probable cause analysis using the TrueSight consol





Good for:

Administrators, Users

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 40 時間

Course Modules

  • Installation – Part 2
    • Introduction to TSIM
    • TSIM features
    • Installing TSIM
    • Adding TSIM to TSPS
    • Installing Staging Integration Service
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Creating monitoring solution packages
    • Installing PATROL KMs
    • Creating a staging policy
    • Creating a monitoring and blackout policy