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BMC Cares

Giving back to our communities

BMC Cares is a year-round global program that defines our commitment to corporate social responsibility through an intentional four-pillar strategy. In celebration of this holiday season, we will be making charitable donations on behalf of all our customers and partners.

Education and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

BMC makes significant and meaningful contributions in time and money to support the education and advancement of our youth. We achieve this through a variety of channels including:

  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • Literacy programs
  • Financial contributions
  • Training and development
“I brought my wife and my mother to the Prayas health screening organized by BMC, expecting all to go well. The results showed that my mother had a high risk of developing cervical cancer. But thanks to BMC and Prayas, this very early detection helped us to take necessary preventive action immediately, and today Mom is absolutely fine and healthy.” — Santosh Dodke, Web Project Manager, BMC

Social and Community Enrichment

Our employees invest their time and energy to improve the areas in which we live and work. We strategically partner with organizations that emphasize:

  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Social enrichment
  • Veteran community outreach

Health and Wellness

We partner with organizations on a global scale to promote health and wellness activities for our employees and in our communities and to raise funds for research and medical prevention programs. Some efforts include:

  • Blood drives
  • Health fairs
  • Walks and runs
  • Fundraisers
Health And Wellness

BMC has sponsored cervical cancer screenings for more than 15,000 women and provided treatment to more than 450.

Environmental Citizenship

BMC employees recognize the importance of protecting the environment as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy. In addition to our Global Accreditation for ISO 14001, BMC employees proactively drive local sustainability efforts and initiatives. A few ways we do this include:

  • Beach, park and trail clean ups
  • Water conservation efforts
  • Tree planting events
"BMC’s unparalleled partnership with BreakLine truly demonstrates their valuation of the strengths and skills veterans bring to the industry. BMC and BreakLine afforded me the incredible opportunity to seamlessly transition to my current role as a Sales Operations Manager.” — Gordon McDonald, BreakLine Alumnus, BMC Sales Operations Manager