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BMC Digital IT は、フォーチュン 500 社の 82% の企業においてデジタル革新を実現しています

Digital Enterprise Automation is a key component of BMC Digital Enterprise Management—an integrated set of IT solutions designed to fast track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

What is Digital Enterprise Automation?

BMC Digital Enterprise Automation solutions enable the accelerated delivery of digital services at scale while improving quality, control, and compliance. Our comprehensive platform orchestrates and automates the full digital infrastructure.

The benefits of Digital Enterprise Automation

Automated from design to delivery

Eliminate the need to manually create batch processes and workflows.

Comprehensive business rules

Go beyond mere date and time triggers to include events and transactions.

Integrated solutions

Consolidate multiple platforms and application-specific silos across the organization.

Pain-free compliance

Automate manual and piecemeal compliance efforts with built-in templates.

Empowered end users

Implement self-service and free up IT resources.

Proactive problem resolution

Automate corrective action based on real-time monitoring and alerts.

ビデオ: 220 億ドルの年商を誇る世界最大規模の電力管理企業 Eaton 社が自動化プロセスを活用して業績を拡大

220 億ドルの年商を誇る世界最大規模の電力管理企業である Eaton 社が、Control-M プラットフォームを使用して業務を標準化し、ビジネスを円滑かつ効率的に推進している事例をご覧ください。 (1:32)

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Move beyond isolated automation tasks

As companies look to digital transformation as a means to sustain a competitive advantage, it's becoming clear that the effective use of automation is the only way to deliver real-time IT responsiveness that is compliant, consistent, and scalable.

The scope of the challenge and the behind-the-scenes complexity underpinning modern digital services means IT must move beyond the automation of isolated tasks and processes towards a service-wide, more strategic approach. Digital Enterprise Automation solutions help you deliver on the promise of digital transformation with a scalable, secure, highly available IT infrastructure.

“The real story here is about transforming the mindset. We’ve gotten past being reactive and we’ve moved into proactive mode. And that has put our team on a whole new level with respect to serving Transamerica customers.”

— Chris Blanks, Technical Automation Specialist, Transamerica
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Automate critical business services throughout your organization

Control-M ›

Control-M helps you schedule and monitor complex business processes from one easy-to-use interface.

BladeLogic Server Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation helps IT rapidly remediate known vulnerabilities, and automate compliance checks for regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS or security standards like DISA.

BladeLogic Network Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Network Automation enables IT with a policy-based approach to regulatory standards for network management with real-time compliance audit reporting and vulnerability detection and remediation.

BladeLogic Database Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Database Automation automates routine administrative tasks and compliance processes, accelerates deployment and patching, and reduces security vulnerabilities by streamlining the database management process.

BladeLogic Middleware Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Middleware Automation easily deploys, configures, and troubleshoots Java EE applications without manual steps.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management ›

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management orchestrates the agile delivery and ongoing management of secure and compliant IT services across private and public clouds, as well as legacy data center infrastructures.

Atrium Orchestrator ›

BMC Atrium Orchestrator allows IT staff to automate tasks via workflows that span multiple applications, systems, or infrastructure to document change and close the loop on compliance.

Release Lifecycle Management ›

Enjoy easy, agile application release automation that deploys application changes faster, at lower cost, and with fewer errors.


IT オートメーション
BMC Software は、IT オートメーションを効果的に実装し、ビジネス価値を最大化するために必要なベストプラクティスガイダンス、製品、サービスを提供しています。
Job Scheduling Software
BMC job scheduling and workload automation software helps you speed up and simplify application delivery, and manage the behind-the-scenes data and applications that batch jobs require.
Digital Enterprise Management
BMC Digital Enterprise Management is an integrated set of IT solutions designed to fast track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.