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Bring workload automation to dynamic resource provisioning

Control-M on the cloud makes it easy to provision, install and configure Control-M, providing easy access to cloud ecosystems and improved flexibility and scalability. Using interactive deployment or DevOps automation tools, Control-M environments are easily provisioned within minutes leveraging the benefits of cloud database and infrastructure services.

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ビデオ: Introducing Control-M on the cloud

Easily provision, install, and configure Control-M in the Amazon AWS cloud or as a VM extension with Microsoft Azure. (2:15)

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Control-M on the cloud provides fast and easy provisioning, installation and configuration to exploit the flexibility and scalability of cloud ecosystems.

Instant provisioning

Easy Control-M installation on any machine, any time, any region, providing sandbox, test or production environments in an instant.

Eliminate complexity

Database maintenance and availability challenges are managed by the cloud provider.

Increase flexibility and scalability

Control-M environments can be scaled up or down on demand to meet changing business needs.

Reduce costs

Easier access to cloud capabilities such as Relational Database as a Service (RDS) and elastic compute significantly reduce labor and licensing costs.