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BMC Digital IT は、フォーチュン 500 社の 82% の企業においてデジタル革新を実現しています

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BladeLogic Threat Director は、BladeLogic Server AutomationBladeLogic Network Automation の機能を強化します。IT 運用チームとセキュリティチームは、必要なデータを入手し、ビジネスに対する潜在的な影響に基づいて、脅威の優先順位付けと修正を行うことができます。
Forbes Insights: Enterprises Re-engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation
Strengthen your cybersecurity strategy

Forbes Insights: Enterprises Re-Engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

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IT 運用チームとセキュリティチームの連携による脅威の回避

Integrated and automated response to threats.

Security Operations (SecOps)

Reduce threat exposure and build a strong defense against malicious attackers by rapidly remediating vulnerabilities.

  • Provide a “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact
  • Automate the labor-intensive process of correlating identified vulnerabilities to needed remediations
  • See the status of work in progress, so you can focus on open vulnerabilities without duplicating effort
  • Eliminate unknown vulnerability access points with blindspot awareness enabled by integration with BMC Discovery
  • Manage both server and networking infrastructure through the same tool enabled by integration to BladeLogic Server Automation and BladeLogic Network Automation

Isolate and focus on the most critical fixes first.

IT Security Management

Drastically reduce the time required to assess the impact of change and develop remediation plans.

  • Offer security teams a first-ever view into planned actions, predictive SLA, and burndown views to more actively manage the security levels of an organization
  • Eliminate vulnerability access points with blindspot awareness including previously unscanned targets enabled by integration with BMC Discovery
  • Track key stages of the vulnerability lifecycle to provide detailed KPI and trend analysis of where processes are failing
  • Supply auditors and stakeholders with the data to show process performance and success in addressing vulnerabilities across your environment
  • Monitor both server and networking infrastructure through same tool
「BMC の BladeLogic Threat Director のおかげで、セキュリティチームと運用チームが他チームの作業内容を確認できるようになりました。ダイアログを開いて、最優先の課題を最初に処理しながら、運用チームの稼働時間を調整することができます」 — Tracy McMahan 氏 (F. Korbel & Bros 社、IT サポートコーディネーター)

BladeLogic Threat Director の導入は簡単です

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