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TrueSight 10.x: App Visibility Management Advanced Training for End User Experience Monitoring

BMC TrueSight Operations Management is an integrated platform that monitors infrastructure and applications from a single interface. It goes beyond monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT intelligence. This helps resolve issues before they impact the business. With real end-user monitoring, system administrators can configure a solution to monitor your company’s web applications, and application support analysts can ensure the quality and availability of the web applications. As user expectations rise, and front and back-end application architecture becomes more complex, it is more important than ever to understand how your customers and users experience your application. You can accomplish this with BMC End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition.

This course combines classroom instruction with laboratory exercises to guide students through the core concepts of BMC End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition. It includes details on how to access EUEM from the TrueSight console, plus in-depth instruction on administering and using End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition. It includes creating Watchpoints, working with Sessions, creating Incident Detection Rules, working with Error Detection, and installing and configuring EUEM. It also includes a section on the importance of using Synthetic Transactions to access the Web servers that you are monitoring.

Major release:

TrueSight App Visibility Manager 10.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators

Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 24.00 時間

Course Modules

  • TrueSight Architecture
    • TrueSight Operations Management Architecture Overview
    • App Visibility Manager Synthetic Transaction Architecture
    • Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition Architecture
    • TrueSight Management Consoles
    • PATROL Agent Architecture and the APM KM
  • Sizing, Hardware, and Installing EUEM
    • Servers and Software
    • Hardware Considerations
    • Sizing the Real End User Servers
    • Sizing the Cloud Probes
    • Global Installation Prerequisites
    • Installation Order
    • Installing the Real User Analyzer and Collectors
    • Installing the Cloud Probes
    • Installing the TEA Agents
  • Configuring
    • Key Tasks
    • Configuring App Visibility Manager for Use with EUEM Software Edition
    • Configuring Synthetic Transactions
    • Configuring Real User Experience Monitoring Software Edition
  • BMC End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition
    • About End User Experience Monitoring
    • Terms and Definitions
    • Configuring and Using the Analyzer
    • Configuring and Using the Collector
    • Administering Cloud Probes
    • Starting and Stopping Services
    • Working with and Identifying the Data
    • Page Building and Reconstruction
    • Creating Filters
    • Creating Watchpoints
    • Custom Data Fields
    • Dashboards and Dashlets
    • Monitoring and Managing Watchpoints and Sessions
    • Thresholds and Compliances
    • Error Detection Rules
    • Incidents Management and Incident Rules