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Mobile carrier brings best-in-class self-service IT to 150,000 global employees

  • reduced IT burden


    IT burden

  • end-to-end self-service



  • elegant user experience


    user experience

ビデオ: Vodafone 社、BMC Digital Service Management の導入によりサービス提供を刷新

Vodafone の従業員 150,000 名は BMC MyIT を使って世界中どこからでもクラス最高レベルのサービスにアクセスできます。 (1:08)

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Business Challenge

As the world’s second-largest mobile operator, Vodafone can’t afford to let IT problems get in the way of its 150,000 employees. Wherever people work—office, home, or away—they rely on IT to ensure uninterrupted productivity. But to access IT services or support, employees had to face 31 separate service desks running 23 different platforms. Meanwhile, service agents struggled to handle 250,000 tickets each month.

BMC Solution

Vodafone chose Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT) to empower employees with self-service access to the answers and tools they need based on their location, role, and preferences. Available through a desktop or laptop browser, or through a mobile app, Digital Workplace is ideally suited for the company’s highly distributed, mobile workforce.

Business Impact

Digital Workplace helps Vodafone keep its employees productive by giving them self-service access to customized IT services without the need to go through the service desk.

  • Many level-one calls are diverted from the service desk and resolved by users themselves, reducing the burden on IT staff.
  • By solving their own problems quickly and easily, employees can get back to work promptly to serve customers.
  • Formless requests, context-aware services, and crowdsourced collaboration provide a consumer-like service experience, improving satisfaction.

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